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Upstairs Upstairs

Rated 5 / 5 stars


direct soul expression
thank you

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

thank you Ace0fredspades

Thank you for this. This is the kind of animation I thirst for, what I wish my animation to be like and the kind of thing whose absence keeps me away from NG. It makes me want to animate again, awakens me to my desire to make meaningful art through animation and my beliefs that it can be one of the most powerful and sincere art_forms, not to mention one of the most interesting. shit i love animating..)
I really like the use of textures. Timing, scening, acting, music. The animation was flowy and not overdone nor underdone.
I understand your loneliness. You don't express much of the pain of a lonely person, instead it seems to show a story told from the outside, a larger general view.
I see lots of myself in this animation. It makes me want to deepen into the things that really matter to me, to find more balance inside myself. In you I see a soul that sees the blight on earth and suffers with it. In myself, i feel lost as to how to address the outer world. Make things better?
make art, find peace inside, thats all i know
maybe you have another perspective

my interpretation:

The sun is Dream/God/Etc, and Pyramid is interested in watching the sun, and perceiving/ framing/ conceptualising /understanding / enjoying / aligning with sun in whatever way he can.

Cube represents superficiality/techno-blindness/flash ness/the thing Adobe became/ the thing people mistake Apple for / pursuing symbols instead of their referents / evil.

I like the way StayDynamic sees it, though I would just say that Pyramid originally was more interested in ascending to heaven than harmonising with the earth. This obsession with ascension is what eventually let him to go astray and be so influenced by Cube.

He eventually sees what he is doing to himself, destroys Cube's hypnotic sensual hook and returns it to nature, and in doing so seeks a balance between harmonising and descending with the earth, and ascending to the heavenly sun (as we see with the sun and tree mixed together).

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In Perspectives In Perspectives

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


hoping to find stuff like this is one of the main reasons I still visit newgrounds!

KB - Back To The Front KB - Back To The Front

Rated 4 / 5 stars


very cool vibe and feel, i especially liked the beginning and ending. the last scenes with the car and the fadeout at th very end were really well done
visual mood went great with the music too
and i liked the weird characters

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Whirlguy responds:

Cool, all of those were things I hoped people would like. I see you did, so I'm glad. Thanks man!

Shape shape shapes Shape shape shapes

Rated 4 / 5 stars


who the fuck makes this kinda thing?! XD awesome!
absolutely absurd
great work with the song too

hairy situation hairy situation

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i fucing love your style
the art was amazing
the ending was good but it was just a bit too sudden
like if the shot had lasted a little longer before the end appeared, and the end was shown a little longer on screen and then faded out or something, it would of added a lot and removed some of the rushyness feel
this kind of anim could also benefit from more sloppy awesom fbf style, like the jumping wolf dude
but the draw style is fucking awesome, awesom

UnderARock responds:

Thanks a ton man, I love your work too so its always cool to hear from you. definatly agree with you on the end being rushed, I wish I had more time and didnt dick around before halloween so I could have fixed it.

Lychgate Lychgate

Rated 5 / 5 stars


best one ive seen so far, awesome atmosfere and creepy ideas. very much liked the plant

MarcK responds:

I liked the plant too. It's fun when plants are involved isn't it?
Not even relevant. Just INVOLVED!

Gravity_ Gravity_

Rated 4 / 5 stars


super ambitious, though to be honest I think you fell far short, but not falling short would mean creating a complete audiovisual understanding-guide to the universe, which is of course an inmense task :D
but still, there are tons of pieces missing! of course there are, what I mean is there are pieces that were implied but left out. for example, if you state that death is just another stage in entropy's progression, it begs an explanation of the rest of the stages, to somehow visualise entropy's role in the universe, rather than being left with just the statement. i got that feeling throughout the movie, for each of the statements made; not a feeling of awe, rather of you left something out-ness.
i hope you take this in the best way. again, very ambitious idea for an animation, the idea i love

having said that, you did an awesome job with the tweens and visualising it all. i get the impression that your understanding of the complexity of it all hasn't been entirely conveyed with just the things you decided to show. i watched it a few times and look forward to the next one

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Twisted My Mind Twisted My Mind

Rated 4 / 5 stars


very expressive, good job

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ErnestoGod responds:

hehe thanks man : D

Head In The Hole Head In The Hole

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


very entertaining i just think the ending could of been better
it was funny at the begininning but the last scene in the park wasnt a good punchline!!
but the bird desintegrating was a good touch