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direct soul expression
thank you

thank you Ace0fredspades

Thank you for this. This is the kind of animation I thirst for, what I wish my animation to be like and the kind of thing whose absence keeps me away from NG. It makes me want to animate again, awakens me to my desire to make meaningful art through animation and my beliefs that it can be one of the most powerful and sincere art_forms, not to mention one of the most interesting. shit i love animating..)
I really like the use of textures. Timing, scening, acting, music. The animation was flowy and not overdone nor underdone.
I understand your loneliness. You don't express much of the pain of a lonely person, instead it seems to show a story told from the outside, a larger general view.
I see lots of myself in this animation. It makes me want to deepen into the things that really matter to me, to find more balance inside myself. In you I see a soul that sees the blight on earth and suffers with it. In myself, i feel lost as to how to address the outer world. Make things better?
make art, find peace inside, thats all i know
maybe you have another perspective

my interpretation:

The sun is Dream/God/Etc, and Pyramid is interested in watching the sun, and perceiving/ framing/ conceptualising /understanding / enjoying / aligning with sun in whatever way he can.

Cube represents superficiality/techno-blindness/flash ness/the thing Adobe became/ the thing people mistake Apple for / pursuing symbols instead of their referents / evil.

I like the way StayDynamic sees it, though I would just say that Pyramid originally was more interested in ascending to heaven than harmonising with the earth. This obsession with ascension is what eventually let him to go astray and be so influenced by Cube.

He eventually sees what he is doing to himself, destroys Cube's hypnotic sensual hook and returns it to nature, and in doing so seeks a balance between harmonising and descending with the earth, and ascending to the heavenly sun (as we see with the sun and tree mixed together).


hoping to find stuff like this is one of the main reasons I still visit newgrounds!

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its fun and cool.
i couldnt get the tiny frog into the hole tho :(

HolyKonni responds:

Yeah them tiny frogs are really tricky.


i loved the graphics and the style
the music was ace and i thought the part with the oysers and pearls was jsut really cool, and the oysters were really well animated
very good job on the pixel art and all that
i especially liked the how the fish would pump with the music

the controls killed the game though, way too much momentum. as soon as you got some speed it would be far too hard to slow down and i couldnt stop crashing.

this game would of been better with slicker controls and if the BG scrolled maybe twice as fast... i got frustrated and couldnt get past the shark part.


i liked this alot apart from the beanstalk....
but it was all styly and happy and his :OOO face was really cool :)

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some of the most original stuff ive heard in a long time, i liked it a lot
got a music video going in my head maybe ill make it one day :D

vanguard182 responds:

feel free friend you have all the time in the world. i'd love to see it though. appreciate you takin the time


awesome song, awesome song
really love the ending!


I agree wth the SatiricalGod. Really good contrast between the introduction and the rest of the song. The mood later on with the extremely high level of catchiness and value-spamming might just drive some people insane with the paradoxical joyful trance beat mixed with the vocal message of madness
really good work

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great concept, really well executed : )
i'd never really felt attracted to the santa costume but you make it look stylish here! the sky-dream feel is wonderful

Xavy-027 responds:

Wow. Thanks so much! Glad you like it :)


great use of circle square and triangle, and really nice patterns on the limbs
the whole thing fits together really well
without the circle text, this would look great on a poster.


really good hand...
really good line syle, awesome
you pulled off his headshape and face/expression really well
very intersting colour use too

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